Episode 14



January 30th, 2020

39 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Lube comes in many forms. Our bodies produce it naturally and you can buy a variety at the store or use household items. We learn all about how our bodies make lubrication, what can affect lubrication levels, and how we can use synthetic lube in the bedroom for decreased pain and increased pleasure. Grace and Charlotte tell their personal stories about using lube and the beliefs that stopped them from trying it sooner. They talk about cultural messaging around women and wetness and the stigma that lack of natural lubrication is a sign of sexual disfunction (which it certainly IS NOT). They break down the types of lubes available and the best ways to use them as well as how to incorporate household items as lube safely.

Check out Women's Voices for the Earth Factsheet on Lube here

Check out what lubes have been studied by the World Health Organization here

Check out the clip from Superbad that feeds into the lube stigma here

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