Episode 11

“Women's Work” and the Domestic Divide


January 9th, 2020

50 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

When it comes to work in the home, women are still shouldering the burden. As women make more money and spend more time at paid jobs, they continue to take on the "second shift," coming home to laundry, dishes, and dirty floors. Charlotte and Grace get personal and share how they have (and have not) managed household chores in their homes and the impact that it has had on their current and past relationships. They look at the notion of "performing gender" and the pressures on women to keep a clean house. They explore how gender equity in the home can benefit the sex lives of both men and women.

How do you manage the labor in your household? Share your stories with us! We'd love to hear if you've found a great balance that works for you or about your struggles to gain equity when it comes to housework.

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