Episode 37

The Hidden History of Forced Sterilization


July 16th, 2020

41 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

Did you know that there used to be eugenics boards that could force sterilization on unwilling and uninformed victims? We learn about this practice, which became a model for the Nazis, and how victims are still seeking reparations for these programs today. We discuss the how Charles Darwin's cousin promoted eugenics and explore the ways that those who suffered from the practice of forced sterilization were impacted. We learn about the disparate impact on Black and Indigenous women in the promotion of white supremacy and how victims of these programs have sought justice. Even the Supreme Court supported this practice and the decision supporting it has yet to be overturned. We think it is so important to understand the history of control of reproduction and tie these historical events into modern-day court decisions and cultural influences. Women should have freedom over their reproductive decisions. Please inform yourselves on the sterlization practices of your state and share this knowledge with everyone you can.

Hear Elaine Riddick share her story

Hear Lillie Salmons share her story

Delores Marks shares her mother's story