Episode 25

Piercing for Pleasure


April 16th, 2020

48 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Grace and Charlotte researched the most popular erotic piercings. Piercings can provide heightened personal and partner stimulation in the bedroom. They cover the pros and cons of getting nipple, genital and tongue piercings including healing time and which piercings can provide the most stimulation during sex.
Genital piercings are more complicated than they thought. It is important to research the piercing you want and see if you have the proper anatomy to accommodate it. Consult with a reputable piercer to minimize the possibility of complications. They also cover alternatives to piercings if you are not ready to take the leap.

Charlotte's dog Petunia makes herself heard in this episode. There are some parts where she is chewing loudly in the background.

General info on genital piercings

Helpful Illustrations of Clitoral and Penis piercings


Nipple ring alternatives

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If you have erotic or genital piercings or have had sexual expieriences with a partner with piercings we would love to hear from you! Also should Grace get a VCH piercing? Let us know.
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