Episode 18

Shrink It and Pink It


February 27th, 2020

36 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

On this week's episode, the CumQueens look at the Pink Tax and the ways in which gender-based marketing and capitalism collide to hit women where it hurts: in our wallets, pocketbooks and fanny packs. We learn all about how everyday items are marked up when they are directed towards women. We learn how this practice has started from birth and how we can fight back. We also examine the real state sales taxes that unfairly charge women for the products they need to get through their menstrual cycles. We trace the history of the color pink being associated as being for girls and women. We talk about what women can do to be more conscious consumers and how we can impact our state laws to create menstrual equality.

Check out this awesome organization that is helping us fight back!

See the states with the Tampon Tax and sign petitions to repeal it through the links:

Watch the Ted Talk by Dr. Felicia Clark "Pink Tax and the BS in Beauty Standards"

See Ellen DeGeneres making fun of Bic's Lady Pens

Learn about PinkWashing and Breast Cancer Awareness

Share your Pink Tax stories or snap a pic in a store the next time you see it in action!
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