Episode 17

Sex Worker Inclusive Feminism: Rights Vs. Rescue


February 20th, 2020

43 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

NOW- the National Organization for Women, has stirred up controversy through supporting policies that treat sex workers as victims instead of including them in the conversation and having them decide how they should be represented. In this episode, we learn about how laws around sex work disproportionately impact some groups and how the legal system has caused difficulty in maintaining health and safety for sex workers. We talk about New Zealand's decriminalization of sex work and the power and control that this gives to sex workers there. We talk about our current legal framework and how the move to decriminalize sex work (vs. legalization) can be a positive one. We address issues with the Nordic model, which has been touted by some feminist groups. We look at how sex workers have been excluded from the laws made surrounding them and how the bipartisan SESTA/FOSTA legisation has been harmful. We talk about the important difference between sex work and human trafficking and share how we can all be more supportive of sex work within our feminism.

Listen to the Reply All epside of about the unintended consequences of SESTA/FOSTA

Listen to an interview with a Sex Worker on Death, Sex and Money

Watch this short documentary about Sex Work in New Zealand

If you want to support sex workers, you can check out the Sex Workers Outreach Project here

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